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INSIDE HIGHER ED: Students Feel Pain of State Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

By Maria Carrasco

March 30, 2022

State lawmakers have proposed a record 238 anti-LGBTQ+ bills so far this year, according to an analysis by NBC News—nearly six times as many as in all of 2018. They range from a proposed school library ban on books about sexual or gender identity in Oklahoma to legislation prohibiting scholars from publicly discussing or teaching “LGBT issues or lifestyle” in Tennessee.

Much of the legislation is aimed at K-12 students, including Florida’s "Parental Rights in Education" bill—known by opponents as “Don’t Say Gay”—that prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in certain elementary grades. But the deleterious effects of these legislative efforts are seeping into higher education, normalizing antagonism toward LBGTQ+ students on some campuses and creating additional pain and stress for a population that already bears more than its fair share.

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