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Otherworld Theatre Announces Cast, Details of "Lost Realms: Improvised Musicals From Beyond"

A Different Genre Musical Performance Every Friday Starting March 3, 2023

CHICAGO, Illinois (February 14, 2023) -- Otherworld Theatre Company, the premier science fiction and fantasy production company in North America, today announced casting and details for its brand new recurring improvised musical show, LOST REALMS: IMPROVISED MUSICALS FROM BEYOND. Opening March 3, 2023, the show is performed every Friday night at 10 p.m., with no two performances the same.

Each week, LOST REALMS visits a different genre of sci-fi and fantasy, transforming audience suggestions into an entirely original full-length musical packed with comedy, drama, otherworldly spectacle, and epic melodies, featuring live music from in-house band The Lost Band.

Creator and director Keenan Camp has deep experience in the Chicago musical theatre and improv scenes, having performed in productions including THE VERSE: AN IMPROVISED FIREFLY STORY and WHOPROV: IMPROVISED DOCTOR WHO, as well as co-writing and directing ALL THAT JAWS! A SHARKTASTIC MUSICAL, the musical adaptation of cinema classic JAWS. Most recently, Camp has been using his show RIFF: CHICAGO’S MUSIC IMPROV PARTY at iO Theater as a vehicle to teach improv and musical skills to aspiring performers.

“I don’t believe there’s any type of comedy or theatre out there that’s more difficult to do than an improvised musical. Not only are the performers responsible for creating the plot, characters, and dialogue as they go, but they’re also creating lyrics, melodies, and harmonies all on the spot,” said Keenan Camp, creator and director of LOST REALMS: IMPROVISED MUSICALS FROM BEYOND. “Otherworld has offered us a great opportunity to showcase the profound talents of the LOST REALMS cast, letting us really dive deep into some niche areas of sci-fi and fantasy, all through a musical lens.”

The cast of LOST REALMS rotates from week to week, and includes Austin Packard, Barb Jackson, Ben Hebert, Carlos Rivera, Christian Torres, Cosmo Coniglio, Derek Demkowicz, Hayley Karlson, Hugh Walker, Jono Mammel, Kaitlyn Nibbelin, Kimberly Perry, Lily Ludwig, Margaret Hunsicker, and Will Nicholson.

LOST REALMS: IMPROVISED MUSICALS FROM BEYOND opens March 3, 2023, and is performed every Friday at 10 p.m. at Otherworld Theatre (3914 N. Clark St.) before being streamed on Otherworld’s YouTube page. Each performance is approximately 90-100 minutes with one intermission. Tickets are $20, with some Pay-What-You-Can tickets available for each performance. Tickets are available online at

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