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UCLA MAGAZINE: Beyond Binary

By Delan Bruce

March 17, 2022

Campus rankings range from academics to social life, with results that run the gamut from illuminating to aggravating. But one ranking that captures UCLA’s aspirations and achievements with regard toward a significant portion of its population is the Campus Pride Index, a measure of how friendly, safe and inclusive the nation’s college campuses are to LGBTQIA+ communities. The index rates dozens of colleges on their commitment to LGBTQ-inclusive policy, programs and practice. Out of five stars, UCLA’s overall rating comes in at 4.5, with five-star ratings in LGBTQ Support & Institutional Commitment, LGBTQ Academic Life, LGBTQ Student Life and LGBTQ Counseling & Health.

Those results place UCLA near the top of all American colleges and universities, reflecting a sustained commitment by the university to be among the nation’s most welcoming institutions for students, faculty and staff of varying gender identities. UCLA has a long history in this area. It was, for instance, among the first universities to cover hormones and surgeries for transitioning transgender students under its student health insurance. The campus is also notably accessible to transgender and nonbinary students, with gender-inclusive athletic facilities and hundreds of gender-inclusive restrooms.

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