Campaign Strategy

We work with clients to determine who makes up our audience for each campaign, and develop a messaging and delivery strategy to reach them through a combination of earned, owned, and paid channels. 

Message Development

Speechwriting, media training, web and literature copy, prospectus drafting, and issue guides.

Earned Media

Press releases, interview pitching and prep, junket and press day management, press conferences.

Owned Media

Social media development and content management, email programs, text campaigns, website copywriting.

Paid Media

Direct mail, social boosting, media buying.

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Organizational Consultation Candidates have a limited time to create an organization that’s built to win. There’s a strategy to deciding what pieces need to be put in place at what times, and how each team will interact with one another to form a cohesive whole.

Political Strategy We develop strategies to secure the endorsements and political support the campaign needs, and respond to the endorsements we didn’t necessarily ask for.

Campaign Communications From a top-level message calendar to keep the campaign on track, to responding to questionnaires from organizations and media, campaign communications are crucial.


And more Fundraising consultation and strategy; financial compliance and reporting, field strategy, event production, poll writing.

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Creative Publicity Arts & Entertainment is often the first beat cut as outlets look to run lean. We combat this by developing unique hooks for press, giving them an opportunity to cover the stories they’re interested in. 

Junket and Press Day Logistics Effective hotel, ground transportation, grooming, venues, and event management allows talent to focus on media and fans, ensuring a successful press event.


Partnership Marketing Third-party partners can amplify a message to their own customer base, from retail and restaurants to organizations and influencers.

And more Street teaming, screening management, review tracking, promotional pitching.