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Award-winning Paleontologist 'Paleo Joe' Giving Tours at Dinos Downtown Wheaton Exhibit

Downtown Wheaton Association’s $25 ‘Dino Day Activity Pass’ Includes Multiple Entertainment Options, Including ‘Paleo Joe’ Walking Tours, Westside Improv shows, and more to come.

Wheaton, Illinois (August 17, 2023) – The Downtown Wheaton Association today announced the on-sale of ‘Dino Day Activity Passes’ for visitors of the free Dinos Downtown Wheaton exhibit, running September 25 - October 8, 2023, and presented by Innovator ETFs. The Dino Day Passes ($25) can be purchased at and include multiple packages with different activities to choose from, including walking tours with award-winning paleontologist Paleo Joe and a family-friendly dinosaur-themed improv show by Westside Improv. All Dino Day Passes include a complimentary Tea-Rex or Fossil-lemonade from The Protein Spot and coupons for local Downtown Wheaton restaurants and shops.

Walking Tour with Paleo Joe

Paleo Joe is a paleontologist, children’s book author, storyteller, and a real dinosaur digger who brings high-energy programs that will excite, entertain and educate patrons about dinosaurs and paleontology. For over 30 years, Paleo Joe has been digging and collecting dinosaurs in Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, where he recently returned from a Triceratops dig. Enjoy a walking tour with Paleo Joe as he leads visitors through the Dinos Downtown Wheaton exhibit where he will share facts about each dinosaur along with personal stories from real digs. The Paleo Joe Package is limited to seven tours of 25 adventurers each, September 29 - 30, 2023.

The Dinosaur Improv Show

By Westside Improv

An improvised, interactive, dinosaur-themed comedy show for the whole family! Our cast will improvise sketches, songs, and games, all based on your suggestions. You might even get a chance to join them on stage! Come ROAR with laughter! Appropriate for all ages.

Dino-Mite Deals

Shops and restaurants throughout Downtown Wheaton are celebrating Dinos Downtown Wheaton with deals and discounts fit for a T-Rex, including dinosaur-themed menu items, activities, and specials. Coupons for various Downtown Wheaton shops and restaurants are included in every Dino Day Activity Pass!

Tea-Rex or Fossil-lemonade from The Protein Spot

Included with every Dino Day Activity Pass, enjoy a delectable dino-themed beverage from Downtown Wheaton’s own: The Protein Spot. Ticketholders can choose from a fruity Tea-Rex or a sweet Fossil-lemonade!

Dinos Downtown Wheaton presents visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the downtown area of one of Illinois’s best places to live. From September 25 - October 8, guests will venture throughout shopping and dining areas across Downtown Wheaton, encountering ten life-size, animatronic dinosaurs along the way, including Herrerasaurus, Triceratops, Iguanodon, or even escape the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. The exhibition is free, with special Dino Day Activity Passes available for $25 per person at

Exhibit Sponsors

Dinos Downtown Wheaton is made possible by generous event sponsors including:

Presenting Sponsor: Innovator ETFs

Dinosaur Sponsors: 302 Wheaton; Amy Lorentsen and Kendra Schultz, Baird & Warner; E.P. Doyle & Son, LLC; TeamUp Coworking; Rotary AM and Noon Rotary of Wheaton; and Wheaton Bank & Trust. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, for more information please contact Allison Orr at

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