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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chicago International Film Festival Opens Wednesday On Screens Around Town

By Michael Phillips

October 12, 2021

The 57th Chicago International Film Festival opens Wednesday. It’d be ridiculous to expect any annual cultural event to attempt a business-as-usual approach in the gums of a pandemic. For now, we hope, we’re no longer in the teeth.

Leading up to 2020, “business as usual” meant a festival confined by choice to several theaters inside the AMC River East 21 multiplex in the downtown Streeterville neighborhood. There were advantages to that. Moviegoers could zip from one screening to the next quickly, or grab sushi next door, or a Vitamin Water at Walgreens down the block.

But this year looks more like years past. Prior to 2008, festival screenings used to be held at various downtown theaters, including AMC 600 North, the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, plus the Music Box in Lakeview and the Landmark Century Centre in Lincoln Park.

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