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Cuebric Unveils Three-Tiered Pricing Structure, Brings Power of AI to Creators Around the World

Token-Free Subscription Model Gives Creators Unlimited AI and GPU Use 

Boston, Massachusetts (March 11, 2024)—Cuebric—a leading industry-grade AI creative tool that allows users to create, segment, and dimensionalize scenes for filming and go from Concept To Camera™ in minutes—today announced its new three-tiered pricing structure. Designed for a range of content creators, from individual artists to large production studios, Cuebric’s pricing model allows users to bring their most ambitious ideas to life. 

Cuebric’s AI technology provides creators with the tools to bring their visions to life effectively, efficiently, and elegantly, saving time and money while increasing creativity and collaboration. Cuebric is rapidly becoming a staple in the film industry, having been adopted by prominent film studios to enhance their near-3D background creations. 

Today, Cuebric introduces the following three-tiered subscription model:

  • Image Generation: At $15 per month, this package is ideal for individuals and small teams looking to explore the basics of AI-powered image creation. Includes Image Generation, Upscaling, and Community Support. 

  • Content Creation: The $45 per month mid-tier option offers enhanced capability for creators to produce content with more depth and complexity. Includes features in Image Generation package, plus Inpainting, 2.5D Segmentation, Parallax Preview, and Export Depth Map. 

  • Professional: For $120 per month, the Professional package is designed for high-end production needs and advanced creative exploration. Includes features in Content Creation package, plus Export to Disguise, Priority Support, and Onboarding Training. 

Cuebric offers a 30-day 100% refund guarantee, and each package features unlimited AI and GPU use. In other words, there are no more barriers – or tokens – between your imagination and its manifestations on screen. 

Cuebric also offers Enterprise licensing options for companies and institutions of higher education. 

“Cuebric is committed to supporting, inspiring, and championing creatives across all industries by providing them with the tools they need to bring their visions to life efficiently and effectively,” said Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, co-founder of Cuebric and a leading AI ethicist. “Our new pricing structure is a testament to our dedication to accessibility, offering options that accommodate the financial realities of our diverse user base. We’re excited to see the new horizons our users will explore with Cuebric’s capabilities."


Images and downloadable demo video available at this link.


With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, Cuebric continues to redefine the landscape of creative production. With its flexible pricing model, Cuebric offers access to high-quality AI-driven creative tools, enabling more creators to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation. For more information and to purchase a subscription, visit

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