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World Back to Work's COVID Testing Able to Detect Omicron Variant

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

LOS ANGELES, California – Amid mounting cases of the COVID-19 Omicron variant around the world and as the first case identified in the U.S. appears in California, World Back to Work, North America’s leading COVID mitigation and return-to-work service company, announced today that their testing methods are capable of detecting the variant.

“There is a lot that is not yet known about the Omicron variant, but we are in a far better position against new variants than we were in March of 2020,” said World Back to Work Co-Founder and Chairman David Shor. “The most important thing right now is for businesses, schools, and event venues to be proactively implementing COVID mitigation strategies for their employees, students, and patrons. These include vaccine checks, regular testing, and masking policies. With the proven infectiousness even among the fully vaccinated, Delta and Omicron should not be taken lightly this winter.” “We know this will not be the last variant we see,” said World Back to Work Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas Barrows. “As the scientific community works to understand more about Omicron’s behavior and mutations, we know that World Back to Work’s PCR testing processes are able to identify it, giving businesses and schools the ability to act quickly and responsibly in mitigating its spread.”


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