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World Back to Work Taps Music Industry Exec Dean Gelfand to Bring Crowds Back to Live Concert Venues

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Gelfand Brings 25 Years of Experience to Help Concert Industry Recovery

LOS ANGELES, California – At a time when live events are slowly emerging from the devastation of COVID-19, World Back To Work (WBTW) today announced that music and concert industry veteran Dean Gelfand will be joining to advise the organization in a passionate effort to bring larger crowds back to live concerts and festivals safely and efficiently.

“The last 18 months have been an eternity for the entertainment industry, its promoters, and patrons,” said Dean Gelfand. “We’re seeing unprecedented no-shows at events, and given the razor-thin margins that venues operate on, even if tickets are sold every no-show impacts merchandise and concessions sales, devastating the industry. World Back to Work is focused on getting fans back in seats safely using their experience, technology and drive to do the right thing to avoid further outbreaks that would be even more catastrophic to the industry.”

“A world without music is unacceptable to me. World Back to Work brings audiences back safely, moves them through queues quickly, and provides testing at no cost to the venues,” Gelfand elaborated. “I wanted to help bring that kind of welcome relief to the live events industry, that has been my life’s work.”

World Back to Work was founded in March of 2020 and is the first mission-based company to bring return-to-work and safe-at-work strategies and solutions to businesses during the COVID-19 era. Since then, WBTW has tested more than one million people and helped hundreds of businesses get back to work safely with entry screening, testing, and a proprietary software platform that is both HIPAA and OSHA-compliant.

“Our cross-disciplinary team of scientists, analysts, communicators, and managers make World Back to Work the premier COVID mitigation solution,” said World Back to Work Chairman David Shor. “Venues and promoters know they can trust World Back to Work to ensure that their audiences will have a great experience coming back to shows.”

WBTW develops bespoke COVID safety entrance protocols for numerous venues, festivals, and tours, and provides testing and entry screening solutions allowing thousands of fans to rediscover “the joy of live.” WBTW offers a full range of services nationwide and is beginning to enter the international market as well. Most recently, WBTW helped audiences to return to Disney on Ice, AEG, Live Nation, Made Events, Insomniac, and festivals including Napa Valley’s BottleRock, Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, and Outside Lands in San Francisco.


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