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David Orr: "Chicago's Budget Is Not Perfect, But It's Fair and Equitable"

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Former Cook County Clerk, Chicago Mayor and Alderman, David Orr of Good Government Illinois releases statement in response to passage of Chicago's Budget

CHICAGO, Illinois -- Today, former Cook County Clerk, former Chicago Mayor, former Chicago Alderman and current Chairman of Good Government Illinois, David Orr released the following statement in response to the passage of Chicago's 2021 budget:

"No budget is perfect and as things currently stand we cannot rely on more fundiing from the state or federal government. As much as this isn't the budget we were hoping to see a year ago, this budget reflects compromise and an equitable approach to raising revenues and cutting costs. "I give the Mayor and the Aldermen who came to the table willing to work hard for our City a lot of credit for getting this done. They found ways to prevent layoffs while providing more money for violence prevention and intervention. Making tough choices during a hard time in our City is what leadership looks like."

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