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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: World Comedy Expo Comes to Chicago With More Than 170 Performers

By Kayla Samoy

March 24, 2022

This weekend, more than 170 sketch, improv and stand-up comedy performers from around the world will gather at five venues in Chicago for the first World Comedy Expo. Artists will perform March 25-27 at Laugh Factory, The Annoyance Theatre, The Den, and The Second City’s UP Comedy Club and Donny’s Skybox.

“The World Comedy Expo is an unprecedented event that gives audiences an opportunity to explore the idea of comedy and humor by giving a microphone and a stage to artists who Chicagoans may not otherwise get to hear from,” said Kerry Sheehan, the event’s co-founder and business director. “We’ve curated a slate of shows that include artists from different countries and cultures, artists with disabilities, artists of color, LGBTQ+ artists, genderqueer artists, because comedy comes from our own lived experiences.”

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