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Cuebric, Groundbreaking AI for Filmmaking, Debuts at AI on the Lot

Summit Brings Independent Filmmakers, Studios, and Tech Together To Explore AI’s Influence on Hollywood

Boston, Massachusetts (May 15, 2023) – Groundbreaking generative AI tool for filmmakers dubbed Cuebric will make its debut at AI on the Lot 2023 – the highly-anticipated summit that brings together studio executives, filmmakers, and top AI technology companies to explore the future of Hollywood. The event is set for May 16, 2023 at the FYI Campus in Hollywood, California.

“There is no question that Cuebric has an outsized role in the future of film and television production,” said Chief Creative Officer Gary Lee Koepke, co-creator of Cuebric. “By eliminating repetitive tasks while keeping human artists centered in the creative process, Cuebric allows filmmakers to realize their vision while saving time and money. AI on the Lot is helping creators glimpse the future of their own artistry, and we are proud to collaborate with them on this shared future.”

Cuebric is the first comprehensive generative AI tool for filmmaking. While it normally takes months for filmmakers to go from concept to set, Cuebric creates extraordinarily engaging, camera-ready environments in minutes. Cuebric’s virtual environments are automatically segmented in 2.5D, allowing filmmakers the freedom to make changes on set with each new iteration generating in camera-ready resolution, fully rotoscoped at the push of a button, and ready to be utilized in concepting, previsualization, or filming on LED volume sound stages in real time.

Following their presentation at AI on the Lot 2023, Cuebric co-creators Gary Lee Koepke and Pinar Seyhan Demirdag will host a demonstration of Cuebric on May 17, 2023 at XR Studios in Los Angeles (6700 Santa Monica Blvd.), open exclusively to AI on the Lot 2023 ticket holders.

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