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Tight Ship Advisors partners with North Shore Senior Center, MahaloLife

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Tight Ship Advisors partners with North Shore Senior Center, MahaloLife to expand services to aging adults during COVID-19

CHICAGO, Illinois --  Today, Tight Ship Advisors announced new partnerships with both the North Shore Senior Center and MahaloLife to provide essential services to seniors in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tight Ship Advisors is a concierge home, health and lifestyle assistance company that provides tailored assistance to aging adults with a team of Certified Senior Advisors®, and they are donating the first three hours of service to seniors in need through April 30, 2020 “I’m excited for this opportunity to expand the services we’re providing to aging adults by partnering with the North Shore Senior Center and MahaloLife,” said Jill Dillingham, Founder & CEO of Tight Ship Advisors. “The services Tight Ship Advisors provides are especially important for older adults who are struggling to find resources to cope during the coronavirus pandemic. Even essential errands like grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions pose a dangerous health risk to seniors and the economic effects of the pandemic will impact retirement planning and financial management, as well. Tight Ship Advisors offers a solution that allows vulnerable populations to get help protecting their homes, health and lifestyles during this difficult time.”  The North Shore Senior Center, located in Northfield, Ill., closed temporarily in March and is turning to technology to connect and entertain residents during the stay-at-home order. Now, they are partnering with Tight Ship Advisors to support client requests that they aren’t equipped to solve virtually. Tight Ship Advisors is helping the senior center’s mobilized outreach efforts by delivering groceries, prescriptions and other sundries so aging adults get their basic needs without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.  MahaloLife is a virtual platform that allows families and caregivers to digitally manage the planning, workflow, communication and calendaring necessary to ensure quality care for aging adults. Tight Ship Advisors is partnering with MahaloLife to serve as content experts that can advise and support seniors and their caregivers with legal and financial services.  Tight Ship Advisors offers bespoke services to serve the needs of their clients. A team of Certified Senior Advisors® provides assistance and guidance to their clientele on a range of services, including household budgeting and bill management, Medicare and insurance enrollment, claims monitoring, home vendor management, preparing for a move or in-home services, and end-of-life transition and shut down services. Tight Ship Advisors can also coordinate with existing financial and legal advisors to ensure the safety and efficiency of vital annual activities like tax preparation and forecasting, end-of-year reconciliations and RMDs, and charitable giving.  To contact Tight Ship Advisors and book a consultation, please email or call 773-457-1952. 


About Jill Dillingham, Tight Ship Advisors Jill Dillingham is the Founder and CEO of Tight Ship Advisors, a concierge home, health and lifestyle assistance business that offers one-on-one tailored services for aging adults. Dillingham earned a degree in economics from Miami University in Ohio in 1996 and began her career with Arthur Andersen Consulting with an expertise in Medicare, medical coding and managed care contracting. She is a member of the Illinois Continuity of Care Association, a Certified Senior Advisor® and member of the Association of Daily Money Managers. For more information, please call 773-457-1952 or visit Tight Ship Advisors is located at 829 Ash Street, Winnetka IL 60093

For media inquiries, please contact Tom Elliott at Acacia Consulting Group by email,, or phone at 773-819-0503. 

About the North Shore Senior Center The North Shore Senior Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1956 to work with older adults to redefine the process of aging. They provide a social community for seniors - one defined by friendships, volunteerism, clubs, learning and new experiences. This community extends beyond the walls of their brick and mortar buildings as they ensure older adults who were isolated due to physical, emotional, or financial issues could participate as well. The National Institute of Senior Centers and CARF has accredited the North Shore Senior Center as meeting the highest standards in the industry. For more information, go to or call 847-784-6000. The North Shore Senior Center is located at Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Campus, 161 Northfield Road, Northfield, Ill. 60093. 

About MahaloLife MahaloLife is led by senior executives representing healthcare, media, consultancy, retail and consumer products and services. Based in Chicago, the business provides a digital platform that allows families and caregivers to manage the day-to-day care for older adults. MahaloLife is part of the Abundant Venture Partners network of companies. For more information, go to or email

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